Vegetarian Refried Beans - $1On the Border Queso - $2.60ishTaco Bell Salsa - $1.88Fiesta Style Cheese - $4.50ishTortilla Wraps - $1.80ish
I have a cafeteria in my dorm that doesn’t always do the trick, especially since I’m a pescetarian. So I make things like this that are cheesy and flavorful and cheap with ingredients that go further than one meal, because I’m a student. If you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy or vegan, you can leave out the queso (which I don’t always use either, and it’s still good) and switch out the fiesta cheese for vegan-friendly cheese. 


This was more successful than that oatmeal thing I tried to make. Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/yakisoba-chicken/Recipe: http://www.copykat.com/2012/01/08/panda-express-cream-cheese-wontons/I would have rather just had the vegetables.. I’m not a pasta person, but I just wanted to try this out. Also, I didn’t use the chicken, because, well, most of you know now that I don’t eat meat other than fish. :) It tastes pretty good, considering I didn’t totally follow the measurements and I added too much chile paste… And the cream cheese won tons were so-so. I’m just glad it turned out better than the oatmeal thing. lol




Flowcharts about trivial things warm my heart.


Would you like to try one??Go on. Have a bite… ;)


Edit: Nope, I was wrong. This is the worst fudge she has ever made.. Sorry. Maybe next time.


I gave the smartdogs (meatless hotdogs) another chance. This time, instead of ketchup and mustard (which I thought could mask ANY flavors), I used pepper jack cheese, dijon mustard, relish, and I toasted the hotdog bun. When I say I used this stuff, I DROWNED this soy wienie in the condiments. I really slathered it on there. I mean, to the point where I could barely even notice that it was also on the bun. And it worked! I was able to consume the whole thing without gagging over the smartdog! Instead, the relish and dijon mustard sort of overwhelmed my taste buds with wtf-kind-of-emotions.

And I also ate some strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, after. Yummy.


Oh no!


A daily dose of fruits and vegetables is a good way to start the day.